Robot Madness Day, 2001 Click on images to enlarge


Students make last minute adjustments to their vehicles in the 'Pit.' Last minute discussion about the Rules debacle...
Students get the 'Arena' ready Even patrons at the 'Animated Tiki Bar' are checking out the 'Arena'
The battle is on! Looks like some additional shielding has been added... More battles and Doctor Spin and the S & E-ers look on with interest
  A new recruit and his mom listen to Mr. P. explain the reasoning behind the 'Insane Clowns'
Andros VI, tele-operated military ordinance disposal unit, explores the small gym... Chris LIKES his new RC car!
Our public relations coordinator gathers more information from Cory. Andrew explains the 'Walking Robots' project to the 'Board' President
Mr. P. and Dr. Karsnitz enjoy the moment. Rob takes R2P for a stroll